From g     01/27/19 What an amazing party she had last night!!!!!!! From the music, to the food, to the ambiance! Top notch! No rookie host here! Will be attending as many of Crave’s parties as I can. And the people that attend are awsome , met very nice people! Keep up the great work!! From A     12/24/18 crave is one of the best host on SLS, she works really hard to throw a good party and is very good at getting people to come, if you are looking to have a good time you should always sign up for her parties. sexy accent and great personality to match her beauty, looking forward to her next events.
From p     02/06/19 I recently had the pleasure of attending a Crave's Den party and it was amazing!The sexy hostess was extremely gracious and attentive.I'm eagerly looking forward to the next party and the next... From R     02/02/19 Amazingly chill. We had chemistry from the moment we met. The most seductive eyes to go with that exotic accent... Divine I look forward to more parties n more play. From M     01/30/19 It is my pleasure to cert this beautiful lady who hosts super parties! She did well in a team hosting previously. But she does it great all by herself! I always have a fun time when I go to her events. Be there or be square! From S     01/30/19 What a warm, sexy sweetheart ! Attending Crave’s most recent party was a newer experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the fun, sexy vibes at her well planned event. Until next time xo! B
From v     02/01/19 From the moment that we walked in, we felt a warm welcome, we had an amazing time With this gorgeous, seductive and amazing woman at her party. Very comfortable environment, She is friendly and conversationalist, makes sure people feel comfortable. We had an amazing experience she gave us the best time of the night! we look forward to attend future events every tine we get the opportunity, until next time!!! Best wishes M and A. From r     01/30/19 I have been to her party, she does an amazing job with her parties amazing people and ready to party. She’s very hot, seeing her play. I will always go to her parties in future. She is an amazing lady to be around.
From n     02/11/19 We had the pleasure of meeting this vixen at one of our club events recently and then she graced us with her presence at our Candyland Takeover this past weekend. Those eyes, the voice, the body, that about the complete package. Super sexy, gorgeous, smart and friendly don't begin to describe her. She really is the epitome of what a true unicorn is...a rare find lol Besides all the physical benefits, her passion for her group, her drive and high standards are amazing. We are so happy to have met her and honored to call her a new friend. If you have the chance to meet her or attend one of her events, do not hesitate. xoxo J&E From V     02/10/19 We recently had pleasure of attending a Crave's Den party and it was super! Place was beautiful and comfortable. Awesome host, sexy and friendly. Thanks for a great time! From F     02/09/19 We had the opportunity to hang out with Crave this week and had a blast. Be sure to let us know the next time you are passing through. H&J
UPDATED 3/6/20
From A     01/29/19 stop right here. have you been to one of craves parties? well come out of your shell and see what your missing. no doubt not only one of the premier hosts but a good friend of ours. And a bonus ? a sexy, bad ass woman. damn that accent is hot ;) There is so much good here. not only supports us at our events, but we' ve grown to love her and her witty, freaky mind. xxoo E& J From H     01/29/19 Crave is an amazing host her last party was great, tons of people and plenty of bed rooms that were occupied constantly, I am definitely going back. From S     01/27/19 I want to thank this beautiful lady for hosting Crave Den’s party this past Saturday. After being out of the lifestyle for past couple years, I thoroughly enjoyed this party. Good people, great food and an overall great time. I will definitely attend her parties in the future. If you are looking to have a good time, check out her parties. Thanks again for the invite love.
From L     01/14/19 She’s marvelous! She makes every effort to accommodate and ensure people are comfortable. She has my full support and always my number one when it comes to parties in NJ! From i     01/14/19 What can I say that hasn't been said already lol. Crave is simply amazing from head to toe! Smart, witty, down to earth, funny, super sexy & knows how to put a great party together! I experienced nothing but great vibes & great people & look forward to experiencing the same at the next event. Keep doing what you're doing Crave! Mxxxx likes it ;) From W     01/13/19 We have had the pleasure of hanging with this woman a few times at various events and in our home. Everything they say (in her other certs) is true. She is amazing. Funny, sexy, smart and did I mention sexy? She is everything you want in to find in a person, in and out if the lifestyle. If you crave something sweet and delicious, look no further.
From i     01/29/19 OMG I had the chance of meeting this extremely beautiful and sexy hazel eyes goddess that hosted an extremely hot party, we finally had a chance to play after admiring her for a while and boy I wasn't disappointed the only regret I have is that we didn't have more time to play. I'm so looking forward to seeing her again to pick up where we left off ? stay sweet. From H     01/29/19 I had a great time at her party it was fun I met alot of interesting people, and she was a great host. Very professional and always looked out for her guests, I don't think they get better than Crave. From l     01/28/19 I attended a party graciously hosted by this sexy lady and it was a great time. Huge turn out, tons of great looking women and men and three bedrooms with sex going on in them almost the whole night. Hope to go to the next party. From l     01/28/19 Met Crave briefly at her party this past weekend. Awesome host sexy as well. Hopefully we'll get acquainted sometime soon. L and B
From T     01/12/19 We have known this beautiful and down to earth lady for a very long time. She is a great person and a Fantastic party host If you have never had the chance to meet her than what the hell are you waiting for. From L     01/29/19 It's our pleasure to certify this beautiful sexy woman! We've known her for a while now and it's great to spend time with her. From her accent to her attitude, she exudes warmth and fun! E&D From J     01/29/19 This beautiful lady is gorgeous inside and out..I’ve attended 2 of her events so far and both have been classy, successful and had a great ratio..I definitely consider Crave a good friend and a wonderful asset to the lifestyle..if you’ve never attended one of her parties, you’ve been missing out.
From n     01/08/19 This lady is one of the most beautiful - genuine gems you will find in this lifestyle. All love whenever I see her not to mention she sexxxy as $&?! Definitely check out her parties, you will have a blast. Her parties are definitely what the lifestyle should be all about. From P     12/30/18 Crave is a gorgeous woman, a fantastic hostess, and all-around amazing person. Her hotel parties are among the classiest in the region, if not *the* classiest, and she works hard to make them so. And she plays just as hard! Crave is a sexy motherfucker, and she represents what the upper echelon of LS hotel parties should be. ;-* xoxo, J From c     12/25/18 We have known Crave for a while now ... she is super friendly very sexy and always ready for a good time. We personally have attended her parties and have never been disappointed! If you have the chance to get to one of her events you def will enjoy yourself ... we look forward to future events T&J
From S     12/18/18 I’ve run into this gorgeous lady at quite a few events we both attended and have enjoyed all our interactions. I finally attended one of her parties, and she was a wonderful hostess. She is warm, witty, and gracious. I felt very welcome. From T     12/18/18 If you haven't been to one of her parties then you haven't been to a real party, she is one hell of a host not to mention how beautiful she is inside and out. Our experience with her was definitely one to remember and we can only hope for more to come .. it was definitely a pleasure and if you are lucky enough to be in her presence you will not be disappointed.... Until next time Love. Stay Fly!!!! From B     12/18/18 Crave is a beautiful woman inside and out. An amazing host, who has amazing parties. And to top it off, she's a freak. The perfect trifecta. Consider yourself lucky if she invites you into her life, because I have.
From F     12/20/18 I had the pleasure of attending this sexy party. The Host was very pleasant as well as all the sexy eye candy. I look forward to attending her event again until next time...xoxo From H     12/18/18 Just to say,... this woman is amazing, we hope to meet her in another nice and beautiful night, with a lot pleasure and friendly people, we have a nice first experience and we can't wait to do it again. Thank you for make us a happy couple. From K     12/18/18 Where to start with this sexy little bombshell? Well, I've attended two of her parties so far and plan to attend many, many more! As a hostess, she is simply incomparable. The venue is great, the atmosphere is popping, and every little detail is just right. You will NOT attend a better party. As for the lady herself, she is gorgeous, with a flawless golden complexion, tasteful tats, thick in all the right places, and an accent that will make a man (and women? Lol) do ... things! We unfortunately haven't had the chance to play yet (she takes her hosting duties VERY seriously) but that is an oversight that I intend to remedy VERY soon! Can't wait til next time, Crave!
From F     12/17/18 i went to a event as was right away greeted by stunning Crave. just something about her, her smile and good vibes made me feel very welcome. i am looking forward seeing her again at a next event :) From n     12/17/18 Having attended many parties over the years we were really impressed with the combination of class and hardcore debauchery that she put together. The vibe of any party starts with the host. They not only set the right mood but made sure all guests were engaged and having fun. If you are a newbies or seasoned sluts like us, you will have a great time! From J     12/17/18 I met this Beauty at a local bar, we really hit it off, sexy accent hot body, she is a real pleaser and great personality, I also been to a few of her parties, she is a great hostess will be meeting again.
From S     01/28/19 My man and I had the pleasure of attending one of Crave’s parties over the weekend. Crave is sweet, sexy and just all around beautiful. She throws one hell of a party too! If you’re ever lucky enough to be on her guest list, do not pass it up. You will have fun and you will be glad you went. We look forward to the next time we can be in the company of this sexy vixen. Thanks for a great time, Crave! From B     01/28/19 I had the pleasure of attending this beautiful lady party the other night and I had a great time. From the atmosphere to the music and food and drinks, she really knows how to entertain. I also got the chance to play with p later on in the night... WOW what a great experience that was. If you have the opportunity to party, chill, or just hang with Crave I suggest you do so. ;) From c     01/28/19 I want to start off first by saying what sweetheart of a personality she has as well as a hottie!! And her parties rate a 10 out of 10!! Her attendees are top of the class! Catch one of her parties you'll be glad you did. My wife was seeing "stars" by nights end!
From i     12/18/18 I have met this bad ass woman on several occasions, at other parties, she plays a wicked truth or dare ;) Most recently attended one of her own events, fabulous, engaging host, which makes all the difference, it’s not just the accent that sets her aside from the rest....Great hotel, no pressure atmosphere. Crave thinks of everything to ensure all of her guests have what they need to enjoy themselves. Don’t pass up her next event. Truth is, I dare you..... From S     12/17/18 I always look forward to attending her parties. Always a good crowd, and a classy and spacious venue. Coming from NYC, it definitely worth the travel. Looking forward to the next party!