Crave’s Den Diary entry #1 Sep 2019

A lot of people in the lifestyle ask me how did I get into the lifestyle. I thought I’d start this personal diary/blog style newsletter that I will write and send out once in a while. If you stumble on this and enjoyed reading it, pls let me know!

Most people in the LS don’t know but I was married for 20 years and I’ve only been a unicorn (single female) for 3 years. About 10 years ago I convinced my then husband we needed to spice up our sex life and we should try swinging. At first he was hesitant, but he did always have a fantasy of having MMFs. We planned the monthly date night with babysitter and picked out where we’d go for dinner and which event we’d attend a few weeks in advance. The plan was set in motion.

At dinner I drank a lot, I knew I’d need alcohol to get through my first full swap or group play. I needed something to take the edge off so I could have the courage to be totally myself and naked in front of strangers. Walking in I was extremely nervous and also anxious. Had so many questions.

We went to a house party in NY. As soon as we walked in we did a tour of the rooms and we walked past a couple playing on the bed, both very attractive. They invited us in to join them. I looked at hubby for approval and he said ok let’s. OMG it’s happening!!

We got naked with their help and soon all of us were kissing, licking, sucking, the four of us going back and forth between our other halves and us ladies with each other. Mouths on pussies, dicks, legs and arms intertwined, we came up for air every hour or so but we played for an entire 3-4 hours. I went wild, unleashed my inner exhibitionistic self and enjoyed every moment. Soon we had an audience of about 20-30 people. The thought of everyone getting aroused from watching us drove me wilder.

Needless to say I never turned back. I want couples to know that the lifestyle never brought any issues to me and my ex husband, it brought us closer. I’m single now for other reasons. Our bond was close because we had trust and we talked about rules and set boundaries. It’s really important before you go to your first party to discuss these things. What are your DOs and DO NOTs.

Ok enough for my first diary entry, this is already so long. I’ll talk about other topics in each one going forward. If you’ve read this far, thanks for taking the time to read.

Thanks for reading!

Crave xxx


UPDATED 3/6/20